Out Patient Consultation

The first step in seeking planned elective care from a private surgeon is to have an out patient consultation.

How to arrange a private out patient consultation with a surgeon (Mr Hemadri)?

As a self paying private patient you can make an appointment directly to see Mr Hemadri (via telephone or website).

However, it is good practice to obtain a referral letter from your GP (general practitioner) addressed to Mr Hemadri and then make an appointment. This is not a must but it is preferred.

Once you have made a decision to seek private out patient consultation appointment with Mr Hemadri please call 01724500870 or use the online facility to check out availability of dates, book and pay for your appointment.

What happens next?

You will be sent confirmation of your appointment (date time duration etc). On the appointed date you will visit the out patient clinic to see Mr Hemadri.


Mr Hemadri sees private self paying patients at Trent Cliffs, Normanby Road, Scunthorpe DN15 8QZ

On the day of the visit

On reaching the location, there is ample car parking available. There is easy step free access. You will be sent clear instructions on directions to Trent Cliffs, car parking, accessing the clinic etc. If you need help please contact Trent Cliffs on 01724500870 to discuss.

At the clinic we expect that you will be seen at the appointed time.

The typical duration of a surgical clinic appointment is 20 to 30 minutes.

What happens at the visit?

Your medical history is obtained.

A clinical examination is carried out.

Your clinical problems are explained to you. Your investigation and treatment options are discussed.

If you agreed to proceed further with private care, your investigations are requested and often performed straight away (understandably this varies depending on the type of investigation needed).

#A treatment plan is made and on occasion this treatment can be delivered straight away (eg some piles treatment, minor local anaesthetic surgery and possibly other procedures).

Prescriptions are issued if needed.

If surgery or other procedures are needed their options are discussed, consent obtained and date of procedure booked straight away.

Follow up appointments are offered and if you agreed they are booked for you straight away.

Seeing doctors and surgeons can often be very demanding from a patient’s perspective, Mr Hemadri and the Trent Cliffs team will make your consultation as smooth and calm as it can ever be. The clinic and the environment is designed to make it easy and pleasant for you.


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