Other General Surgery

Other general surgery procedures

 We offer general surgery procedures such as removal of lumps, bumps, skin lesions, anal procedures etc.

 Haemorrhoidectomy (piles removal surgery)

 Swelling of blood vessels of the anus can project out of the anus causing bleeding, irritation, problems in maintaining hygiene etc.

 For early small internal piles non surgical ac patient treatment would be possible if appropriate.

 For piles which are external surgery is an option.

The surgical procedure involves the use of a general anaesthetic or a local anaesthetic with sedation. 

Haemorrhoid surgery is mostly a day case short procedure.

We make great effort to make your pre operative, intra operative and post operative phases as comfortable as possible.

 Lumps Bumps Skin Lesions Etc

 Lipomas, fibroma, sebaceous cysts, skin tags, skin lesions, low fistulas, etc are problems that we deal with in our service. Please contact us with your specific issue and we can explore if our service is appropriate for you.

 Appointments Payment and Fees

 Note that Mr Hemadri accepts only self-pay patients (no insurance patients)

 For appointments and indicative prices of surgical procedures please visit https://trentcliffs.co.uk/mr-m-hemadri

 Note: This page and the information in this page do not provide the full information which will be provided when you seek formal clinical consultation for the procedures. This page is not an information leaflet for the procedures described.


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